Vasudeva Kethireddy Foundation:

This foundation will raise funds and awareness for causes supporting the Englewood community.  It is our belief that children in Englewood need positive role models and outlets to connect with outside of school.  Additionally, the community needs local advocates they can trust and confide in to help reduce criminal activity in Englewood

About Mr. Reddy
On August 4th, 2018 Vasudevareddy Kethireddy went missing in the Englewood neighborhood.  Mr. Reddy, as he was referred to throughout Englewood, was a landlord in the community for over 15 years.  On September 28th, his body was discovered in a sewer at 62nd and May.  It was later discovered that 2 of his tenants had lured him to the house and senselessly took his life over rent money.
Mr. Reddy came from a poor village in India before moving to the US. He was comfortable being in the Englewood neighborhood, and it was well known that he would give chances to those who no one else would give chances to.  He helped members of the community start businesses, provided housing to people that could not otherwise secure housing, took tenants who did not have vehicles shopping, etc.  If asked with sincerity, he would give the shirt off his back for those in need.
Although his life was taken, Mr. Reddy would not harbor hate or anger for anybody.  Instead, he was focused on his faith and the belief that prayer and love could solve any of his problems.

Select Charitable Organizations


The Andrew Holmes Foundation

The Andrew Holmes Foundation is a not for profit organization established to help the less fortunate experience life events they would otherwise not have opportunity to participate in.

The AH Foundation teaches awareness and provides support for causes such as:

  • Human Trafficking and Missing Persons
  • Gun Violence
  • Heroin and Opioid Addiction
  • Youth Mentoring

St John Evangelist Church Community Center

The SJEC Community Center 501(c)(3) will provide Englewood children with a controlled, constructive environment outside of school along with positive role models and outlets for children to connect to.

SJEC will encourage young people in Englewood to SOAR:

  • (S)successfully strive and
  • (O)vercome obstacles while
  • (A)ctualizing new
  • (R)ealities!
DONATE 501(c)(3)